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About Dropkick Copy

Does any of this look familiar?

Our online marketing campaign drove a ton of traffic to our client’s website but his sales page was so poorly written conversions sucked. The client had the nerve to blame us for not getting the results he wanted.

We designed a gorgeous website for our client’s business but had to wait forever for him to send us the content. When we finally got it, it was so terrible we were embarrassed to put it on his website.

I’m sick of working with “affordable” freelance writers. They are SO unreliable and I’d be LUCKY to get a piece of work that doesn’t need heavy editing. It costs me 3x as much to fix.

If so, you’re in the right place.

free consultation content marketing agency dubai u.a.e.

Hi, we are Nabeel and Irshad Azeez.

We help small agencies in Dubai with conversion copywriting and content strategy.

Imagine this…

Imagine being able to charge fat stacks of $$$ and freely choose your projects. No more charging by-the-hour and taking on ‘shoot me in the face, already’ boring projects just to pay the bills.

Imagine having several clients on retainer and never worrying about cashflow ever again. You are their trusted adviser because you go above and beyond the call of duty, every time.

Imagine being the go-to authority in your market, with big time agencies coming to you for advice. And when they have a tough project they can’t crack, you’re who they call to get s*** done.

When price becomes a triviality.

We will help you move up the value chain by adding conversion copywriting and content marketing to your services.

At this level price becomes a triviality.

You’ll be able to charge whatever you like and your clients will gladly pay because they know you’ve got their back.

Sheyaf Hashim Ubrik Media

One of my biggest projects was creating an end-to-end brand strategy, and print and digital marketing for a local conference. My area of expertise is design. I asked Nabeel to help me translate this design into words using the storytelling which was part of the brand. Nabeel wrote the web copy, marketing collaterals, and the script for a marketing video which we shot. Nabeel is very easy to work with and we have worked on many projects together since.

Sheyaf Hashim, Managing Partner – Ubrik Media

We’ll Buy You $750 Of Our Time.

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