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We help B2B entrepreneurs and marketers…

…unlock 10 to 50 percent in additional top-line revenue through battle-tested email marketing and direct response copywriting.

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Why do you invest in your business? To make more money, right?

So why should marketing be any different?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying media, sending direct mail, blogging, podcasting, Youtube-ing, or marketing on social media…

Here’s What It All Boils Down To

  1. Get potential buyers onto a list.
  2. Sell them something.
  3. Put the buyers on another list.
  4. Sell them more things.
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We’re a B2B Email Marketing Agency

Hi, we’re Dropkick Copy. A B2B email marketing agency that helps businesses like yours find 10 to 50 percent more revenue hiding in plain sight in their email list.

If you’re a business owner or marketer who:

  • Prefers quality over quantity…
  • Cares about strategy over chasing the latest fad…
  • Is willing to invest to grow his business…

You’re exactly who we want to talk to.

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