Direct Response Copywriters Who’re Easy To Work With, Nail Your Voice & Never Miss A Deadline

I don’t have the time anymore. I used to write my own copy, but since the business has grown I’m focused on other things.

So ask your ad agency to do it.

Tried that. It’s not their specialty. They just hand it off to junior copywriters or subcontract to cheap freelancers. I end up paying a premium for sub-par work. I prefer to work with specialists.

Okay, then work directly with freelancers.

Tried that too. Hired them off job boards and online communities. First thing is you get swarmed. And you’re in your inbox and DMs for days sifting through responses. And I don’t know what to look for, so I just go with my gut, and it’s hit-or-miss. Mostly miss. Could never find a copywriter who lasted more than a few months. Either they’re total divas and impossible to work with, or they just could not get my voice, or I couldn’t rely on them to hit deadlines.

What about content mills?

Those were the worst. There’s such a wide variance of quality it’s like playing Russian Roulette every time they assign you a writer. I spent so much time going back and forth on revisions, I might as well have written the damned copy myself. You think you’re saving money but the opportunity cost isn’t worth it.

So, then what? What are your other options?

I dunno, but I have to figure something out. Not being able to delegate our copy has put the brakes on our growth. For now, I’m stuck writing it on top of all the other stuff I have to do. I’m not giving it the attention it deserves, so the quality isn’t what it could be. And it also means I’m the bottleneck in our marketing. We can’t keep going like this.

Whenever We Ask Our Clients This Question…

What were some of the hesitations or uncertainties you had before working with us?

You know the first thing they tell us?

Not ROI.

They’re worried about whether or not we can write in their voice.

Whether we’ll deliver their copy on time.

And whether we’ll be easy to work with.

Yes, they do want a return on their investment.

Who doesn’t?

But our best clients are smart enough to understand good copy is only a piece of the puzzle.

And that profitable marketing is a collaborative, iterative effort.

We Get It, You’ve Been Burned Before…

And you’re afraid to take a risk on another marketing agency, freelancer, or content mill.

Good thing for you, we’re none of those things.

We’re never going to give you up.

Never going to let you down.

Never going to run around and desert you.

We’re Dropkick Copy.

And you’ll never need to hire another copywriter again.

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